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Moriah Regional Business Directory

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Below are local business in Moriah, Village of Port Henry, and Hamlets of Mineville and Witherbee that our visitors, and residents, may find very helpful.   Moriah's past includes some of the highest grade iron ore that was world famous.  So, please be sure to visit their Iron Center when coming to town.   Their heritage if versatile with ice fishing industry in the 1900's.  Ice fish (smelt) were shipped to the city for a delicacy and is still enjoyed by fishermen today.  Port Henry was the film site for "Artic City" and "The Perils of Pauline" series, and the latest film clip on "Unsolved Mysteries" is the Champ monster in Bulwagga Bay area.   Please explore this Lake Champlain community in the Adirondacks. 




Area Code



A Nice Place

5 St. Patricks Place Port Henry 546-3663
  Adirondack Construction   Moriah 546-7308
  Adirondack Hair Associates 5 St. Patrick's Place Port Henry 546-3663
  Adirondack Mouse House Ceramics 91 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3420
  Adirondack Pre-School 18 St. Patrick's Place Port Henry 546-8282
  Adirondack Sand & Gravel 963 NYS Route 9 Port Henry 546-3000
  Amtrak 20 Park Place Port Henry 800-827-7245
  Bailey Motor Co. Limited West Main Street Mineville 483-5530
  Barber Cooke Insurance Agency  3265 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3892
  Beebe's Sawmill/Farm 245 Edgemount Road Moriah 546-7484
  Bill's Auto 18 Spring Street Port Henry  
Blair's Carpet & Vinyl   Moriah 546-7232
  Blue Ox Forest Products 2819 Plank Road Moriah 546-3744

Boni's Bristo & Pub

4264 Main Street Port Henry 546-9111
  Boyea's Grocery & Deli 148 Mutton Hollow Road Moriah 570-6251
  Boyea's Lakeside 15 Dock Lane Port Henry 546-4164
  Brian McCormack, Brian (Fine art) Fairy Lake Road Moriah 546-3751
  Britt's 5th St. Patricks Place Port Henry 546-7005
  Bryant's Lumber & Home Improvement 3004 Broad Street Port Henry  546-7433

Bulwagga Bay Bar & Lounge

  Port Henry 546-7563

Bulwagga Bay

  Port Henry 546-7500

Bulwagga Bay Campsites

  Port Henry 546-8632
  By Design Graphics   Port Henry  546-7463
  Catch-Penny Thrift Shop 4364 Main Street Port Henry  546-7096
  Cedar Haven Day Care 4644 NY State Route 9N Moriah  
  Celotti's Liquor & Wine 4326 Main Street Port Henry 546-3310
  Chamber of Commerce's in the Park      
  Champ Beach Park    Port Henry 4326 Main Street Port Henry 546-7159
Champlain Contracting   Moriah 546-9930
  Champlain Valley Bluegrass & Sold Time Music Assoc.   Port Henry 546-7680
  Cheever Country Gardens 286 Edgemont Road Moriah 546-7007
  Chuck Jones "One More Cast" 80 Broad Street Port Henry 546-7989
  Church of All Saints   Mineville 942-7182
  Collin, Terry - DJ Service 4069 NYS Route 9N Port Henry 546-8677
Collins Motel & Pub Route 9N Moriah 546-7805
  Community Insurance Agencies 4317 Main Street Port Henry 546-7130
  Compota 3265 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3857
  Cummings Construction   Moriah 546-9650
  Decker's Flats Greenhouse/Floral Shop 2923 Dugway Road Port Henry 546-3369
  Dollar General 4379 Main Street Port Henry 546-3050
  Du-Rite Construction   Moriah 546-9930
  Early Childhood Intervention 4233 Main Street #3 Port Henry 546-3355
  Edgemont Lab Glass 286 Edgemont Road Moriah 546-7007
  Edward's Golf Carts 4264 Main Street Port Henry 546-7488

Emil's Snack Bar (Seasonal)

105 South Main Street Port Henry 546-7292
  Expert Roofing & Steeple Jack Services   Moriah 802-825-6179
  F.M.B. Fishing Supply 4133 Main Street Port Henry   
  Family Fun Cabins West Port Road Moriah 546-7127
  Fashion Corner Bridal Shop 4325 Main Street Port Henry 546-7499
  Firlik, Jim - DJ Service 6 Prospect Avenue Port Henry  546-7682
From Foundation To Finish   Moriah 546-3086
  Fluery Deli  Grocery 619 Tarbell Hill Road Moriah 546-3151
  General Composites PO Box 347 Mineville 942-7728
  Glens Falls Bank & Trust 4307 Main Street Port Henry 546-3312
Golf in the Park
Gray (Dennis) Excavating   Witherbee 942-7182

Gloria's Country Inn

North Road Mineville 942-7513

Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant

3266 Broad Street Port Henry 546-7950
Griffith Energy 24 Dock Road Port Henry 927-6488
  Grover Hills Deli 21 Pilfershire Road Mineville 942-7513
  Gumlaw Drywall   Moriah 546-7366
  Guns For Less 2765 Center Street Moriah  546-7669
  Hair Expressions 3185 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3551
  Harland Funeral Home 4279 Main Street Port Henry 546-7033
Harland, Tim - Carpentry 3190   Port Henry 546-3190
  HGS Originals LLC   Moriah 866-497-6635
High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care Inc: 4322 Main Street, Box 192 Port Henry 800-639-8045
  Hometown Pharmacy Company 3208 Plank Road Mineville 942-3313
  Hyatt's Barber Shop 4301 Main Street Port Henry 546-8288
  Impeccable Signs 3208 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3411
  Iron Center Museum - Town of Moriah Historical Society 16 Park Place Port Henry 546-3587
  Klingenberg - Family Heirloom 2541 Main Street Moriah 546-3077
King's Inn & Fine Dining 42 Hummingbird Street Port Henry 546-7633
  Knights of Columbus 72 South Main Street Port Henry 546-9944
  Lake Champlain Bible Fellowship 6 Church Street Port Henry  
  Lakeview Speedshop 183 Lakeview Ave Port Henry 546-3673
  Lamoille Ambulance Services 3159 Plank Road Mineville 942-3330
  LaPier's Auto Body Shop 4 William Street Port Henry 546-7190
  Larrow's Gulf Station 201 Raymond Wright Road Mineville 942-6606
  Lee House Apartments  318 Main Street Port Henry 546-7605
  LeRoy's Towing & Repairs 3093 Broad Street Port Henry 546-7505
  Light Works Reiki & Yoga 4326 Main Street, Suite #1 Port Henry 572-6427
  Linda's Helping Hands PO Box 59 Moriah 546-7296
  Literacy Volunteers Essex 3259 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3332
  Mac's Market 4308 NYS Route 9 Port Henry 546-3063
  Malone Auctioneer 89 Forge Hollow Road Port Henry 546-3564
  Manfred Construction, Port Henry, 518-546-1017      
McCormack, Brian (Fine art) 148 Mutton Hollow Road Moriah 570-6251
  McFerran, Bob (Painting) 45 Witherbee Road Moriah Center  546-7188
  Meadowbrook Homestead  Emu Ranch   Mineville  942-6661
  Mike's Shanty Rentals   Port Henry 546-7414
  Mineville Florist & Gifts   Mineville 497-1044
  Mineville Rexall Convenience Store   Mineville 942-3344
  Mineville V.F.W. (Bowling)   Mineville 942-3344
  Mineville-Witherbee Fire Department 112 Raymond Wright Road Mineville 942-7126
  Moriah  Ambulance Squad Inc. 2829 Plan Road Moriah Center 546-7012
Moriah School District 39 Viking Lane Port Henry 546-3301
  Moriah Chamber of Commerce 4317 Main Street Port Henry  250-1050
  Moriah Country Club 3122 Broad Street Port Henry 546-9979
  Moriah Elementary & Central School 39 Viking Lane Port Henry 546-3301
  Moriah Fire Department 630 Tarbell Hill Road Moriah 546-7837
  Moriah Public Golf Course 9 holes Port Henry 546-9979
  Moriah Health Center-Hudson Headwater Health Network 33 Tom Phelps Lane Mineville 942-7123
  Moriah Incarceration 74 Burhart Lane Mineville 942-7561
  Moriah Martial Arts Center 4103 Main Street Port Henry  546-7946
  Moriah Pharmacy 4315 Main Street Port Henry 546-7244
  Moriah Senior Citizens Center 20 Park Place Moriah 546-7778
Moriah, Town of:      
  • Assessor, 546-3098
  • Building & Grounds, 546-7646
  • Clerk, 546-3341
  • Code Enforcement, 546-3510
  • Court, 546-9955
  • District 1 Filtration Plant, 942-7155
  • Highway, 546-7155
  • Judge, 546-3346
  • Police (non emergency) 546-7286
  • Supervisor, 546-8631
  • Water & Sewer, 942-3340
Moriah United Methodist Church Tarbelll Road Moriah 546-3375
  Moriah Water Department 15 Kelsi Way Mineville 942-3340
  Morningside Farm 434 Edgemont Road Port Henry 546-7846
  Mountain Lake Services 10 Saint Patrick's Place Port Henry 546-7151
  Mountain Time Furniture 2997 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3773

My Fitness & Spa Center

Broad Street Port Henry 546-7160
  My Fitness Women's Fitness & Spa Center 3265 Broad Street Port Henry 546-7160
  Nephew Cledas Insurance 2752 Center Road Moriah 546-7198
  NewWay Laundry 4258 Main Street Port Henry 546-7666
  North Country Community College   Mineville 942-7030

Olcott Construction

  Moriah 546-3331
Potskowski, William, Esq. 15 Broad Street Port Henry 546-3391
Paul Salerno & Sons HVAC   Port Henry 546-8252
  Penelope The Clown 2323 Moriah Road Moriah 546-7935
  Petro Bill Excavating 58 Forge Hollow Road    
  Petros Millbrook Campsite & RV 58 Forge Hollow Road Port Henry 546-8258
  Pine Cove Wood Works   Moriah Center 524-3562
  Pioneer Cleaning  PO Box 92 Port Henry 546-7539 
  Placesence 4283 Main Street Port Henry 546-7470
  Plattsburgh Memorial 2499 Moriah Road Moriah 546-7277
  Poor Man’s Fishing Charters and Shanty Rentals Plank Road Mineville 942-5950
  Port Henry (Wed. June to Oct) Boni's Bristo/Main Street Port Henry 546-9855

Port Henry Beach

  Port Henry 546-7123
  Port Henry Farmers Market (weekly) 4623 Main Street Port Henry 546-9855
  Port Henry Laundromat & Car Wash 4223 Main Street Port Henry 546-3568
  Port Henry Nutrition Program 14 Park Place Port Henry 546-7941
  Port Henry Pools & Spas 1095 Fisk Road Moriah 546-3803
  Port Henry Service Center - U Haul 4096 NYS Route 9 Port Henry 546-3574
  Port Henry Training Center 10 St. Patrick Place Port Henry 546-3386
  Port Henry Village Disposal Plant 5 Main Street Port Henry 546-6635
  Port Henry Village Hall 4303 Route 9N Port Henry 546-9933
Port Henry Walking Tour   Port Henry  
  Port Henry's Champ Beach Park   Port Henry  546-7123
  Pre-Tech Plastics   Mineville  

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

38 Park Place #3 Port Henry 546-3565
  Rose & Kiernan (Insurance) 4394 North Main Street Port Henry 546-7055
  Sagan's Men Shop 10 South Main Street Port Henry  546-7212
  Sharon-Barber Cook Agency 3265 Broad Street #1 Port Henry 546-3892
  Sherman Free Library 20 Church Street Port Henry 546-7461
  Smart Shop/Mobil 4270 Main Street Port Henry 546-7888
  St. Patrick's Church 12 St. Patrick Place Port Henry 546-7254
  Staber & Chasnoff (bluegrass) 2814 Plank Road Moriah 456-3010
  Steve's Tune Up Center 12 Republic Street Mineville 942-8200
  Stewart's Shops Main Street Port Henry   
  Still Works of Port Henry 4316 Main Street Port Henry 546-7141
  Sunsations Tanning Salon & Florist 3267 Broad Street Port Henry 546-8267
  Supportive Employment Office 153 North Main Street Port Henry 546-3025
  Swan's Brookside Cafe & Market 17 Tunnel Ave Port Henry 546-3058

The Millbrook Diner

2814 Plank Road Moriah 546-3010
  The Old Mine 2651 Dugway Road Moriah Center 546-8221

Ticonderoga Municipal (4B6)

Airport Road Ticondergoa 585-7317
  Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union 43 Meachem Street Port Henry 546-7200
  Town of Moriah Snowmobile Club PO Box 213 Port Henry 546-7729
  Tromblee Towing & Auto Repair 48 Wall Street Moriah 942-7519
  UDA Data Net Corporation 12 Church Street Port Henry 546-9922
  United Steelworkers 74 Harmony Road Mineville 942-5915
  US Post Office 3260 Broad Street Port Henry 546-7209
  US Post Office 137 Raymond Wright Ave Mineville 972-7771
  US Post Office 54 Witherbee Road Moriah Center 800-275-8777

Van Slooten Harbour Marina

140 South Main Street  Port Henry 546-7400
  Vicky's Taqueria   Port Henry 546-7502
  Visitors Bureau   Crown Point 597-4646
  Walt's Used Cars 4113 Main Street Port Henry 546-7506
  Wet & Wild Loop Trail    Moriah Center   
  William Ball Construction   Port Henry 546-8627
  Yandon-Dillon Education Center 3092 Plank road Mineville 942-3333

Titbits:  The Iron Center at Witherbee reports "Moriah's high grade iron ore was world famous.  The Champlain Canal, opened in 1823, provided cheap water transport south to the Hudson River and Troy, NY, where ore was made into nails, train tracks, stoves, horseshoes for the Civil War, and machinery.  The ore also produced boom towns in the wilderness.  Between 1874 and 1922 daily production of pig iron grew from 41 tons to 500 tons.  Moriah, Port Henry, Mineville and Witherbee thrived on this bounty.  Evidence of the industry's impact and the wealth it generated can still be seen in everything from concrete blocks to tailings pile and civic architect."


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