Customized your own lot.

    AC0189 - Sold - 119 acres, dirt road, no power, views of Long Pond, Willsboro, NY

    AC0190 - 80 acres off Route 9, Lewis, NY

    AC0223 - W/D - Commercial land in Port Henry, NY

    AC0230 - W/D - Development land w/beach rights on Lake George in Glenburnie, NY (Washington County)

    AC0231 - W/D - Development acreage in Moriah, NY - dual zoning, some views of Lake Champlain

    AC0232 - W/D - 48 acres in Glenburnie, NY (Washington Cty. - Lake George)

    AC0233 - off market - 4 acre lot bordering stream, Lewis, NY

    AC0234 - Sold - affordable building lot in Mineville, NY

    AC0236 - Sold - 100 acres with fantastic mountain views, 8.5 zoning in Elizabethtown, NY - some road structure

    AC0237 - Sold - Glenburnie lakeright lot w/views of Golf Course, Putnam Station, NY

    AC0248 - off market - lake rights lot in Willsboro, NY (Buena Vista subdivision) - Lake Champlain

    AC0249 - Sold - building lot, Moriah, NY

    AC0250 - Sold - land near Foley Park, Westport

    AC0255 - off market - level building lot w/stream and park nearby in Westport, NY

    AC0258 - Sold - owner building, commercial/residential corner lot in Minerva, NY -  near beach (1 acre)

    AC0265 - Sold - lake rights to beautiful Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY

    AC0271 - off market - 1.05 +/- acre lot w/panoramic mtn. views (pending subdivision - see #AC0270), Johnsburg, NY

    AC0272 - 5 +/- acres, level wooded lot in quiet country town near the Canadian border, Mooers, NY

    AC0280 - 2 +/- acres with mtn. & lake views, lake rights lot, Horicon, NY

    AC0288 - Sold - Wooded building lot between Brant & Schroon Lakes, Horicon, NY

    AC0290 - Sold - 27 acres with river frontage on the Boquet River, Wadhams, NY

    AC0291 - Sold - Building lot (1.2+/- acres) in Essex, close to the Ferry and Lake Champlain, Essex, NY

    AC0314 - off market - 2+ acre building lot in charming town of Westport, NY

    AC0315 - off market  - Lakefront lot, 2+/- acres, 100' shoreline, Schroon Lake, NY

    AC0330 - Sold - Buena Vista lakerights lot, Willsboro

    AC0331 - Sold - Buena Vista lakerights lot, Willsboro

    AC0334 - Sold - lakefront parcel on Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    AC0341 - Timber land, 69 acres, Horicon, NY

    AC0342 - Timber land, large acreage, Chesterfield, NY

    AC0343 - off market - Lakerights lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro, NY

    AC0344 - Sold - Two Protected Scenic large lots (10 acres), on private road, Ticonderoga, NY

    AC0373 - Sold - Port Kent Village lot near Lake Champlain, Port Kent, NY

    AC0409 - Sold - 89+/- Acreage, residential and commercial zoned, with stream, Lewis, NY

    AC0413 - Sold - 35 and 17 adjoining acres, wooded and country area, Moriah, NY

    AC0414 - 16+ acres, quiet country road, Crown Point, NY

    AC0437 - Commercial Lots Available with International Trade, Rouses Point, NY

    AC0444 - Two side-by-side lots in new home area, Horicon, NY

    AC0450 - OFF MARKET - Improved acreage, Lewis, NY

    AC0459 - SOLD -Maple Heights Subdivision, 3+ acres, Willsboro, NY

    AC0469 - 57+/- acres (2 lots) rolling hills, Moriah, NY

    AC0470 - Commercial corner lot, Moriah, NY

    AC0471 - Adirondack Acreage designed to your custom borders, Moriah, NY

    AC0474 - 2+/- field farm acres for your building lot, custom design, Moriah, NY

    AC0475 - Field Acreage for Sale, hidden gold, Moriah, NY

    AC0476 - Panoramic Lake views, Moriah, NY

    AC0477 - 1.5+/- acres with views (farm & lake), Moriah, NY

    AC0478 - Design your building Lot Moriah, NY

    AC0479 - Village Lot, Port Henry, NY

    AC0489 - 114 acres with gorgeous lake views, Moriah, NY



    CO0132 - Sold - gas Station, Tire Center, Mini Mart and Deli in Chateaugay on Popular Route 11

    CO0137 - Off Market - Motel with PO, Saranac Lake

    CO0148 - off market - 5 star motel, apartment and home in Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0156 - mansion boarding/apartment building in Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0158 - Sold - variety store and apartments in Port Henry, NY -  in Champlain Valley Region

    CO0164 - lakefront land on Abanakee Lake in Indian Lake village, with cabins and development opportunities

    CO0167 - Sold - Duplex in the village, good return on investment, Port Henry, NY

    CO0172 - 4 plex Academy Ave, Saranac Lake, NY (agent/owned)

    CO0173 - 4 plex Bloomingdale Ave, Saranac Lake, NY (agent/owned)

    CO0177 - Sold - Duplex, completely renovated by quality builder, Moriah, NY

    CO0180 - Off market - Scoops Ice Cream, Newcomb, NY

    CO0189 - Sold - Lg waterfront development (motel & cabin complex) with great development potential, Schroon Lake, NY

    CO0193 - Mini Trailer Park, 100% occupied, Chesterfield, NY

    CO0194 - Entire block for sale with retail shop, vacant lot and barn, Lake Placid, NY

    CO0201 - Working Organic Cheese Farm with charming farm house on 112 acres, Chesterfield, NY

    CO0209 - Off market - Older retail w/3 apartments, downtown Ticonderoga, NY

    CO0216 - Lakefront Apartments, Rouses Point, NY

    CO0218 - Sold - 4 plex apartment building, Lewis, NY

    CO0221 - Sold - Historical "Hubbard Hall" (8 retail units), Elizabethtown. NY

    CO0222 - Off market - 5Plex downtown, retail & residential on the LaChute River, Ticonderoga, NY

    CO0228 - Historical Mix-Use Building with apartments and retail, Elizabethtown, NY

    CO0240 - Major Mine Pit for Sale, Lewis, NY

    CO0250 - Large Commercial Acreage, Ticonderoga, NY


    RE0102 - W/D - Saranac large home with awesome mountain views.

    RE0151 - Sold - historical mansion of Port Henry, the Witherbee Estate, Port Henry, NY

    RE0152 - off market -  4 bedroom contemporary ranch on the shores of Lake George, Putnam, NY

    RE0173 - Sold - trailer camp in Ticonderoga, NY - Lake George nearby

    RE0178 - Sold - village home zoned residential & commercial in Willsboro, NY

    RE0188 - W/D - dual zoning home, North Hudson

    RE0189 - off market - level lot on Rt 22, with older trailer in Putnam, NY

    RE0197 - Sold - chalet home overlooking Lake Champlain, Port Henry, NY

    RE0210 - large historical home w/great lake views of Champlain and the Green Mtns, B&B possibilities, Port Kent, NY

    RE0215 - Sold - chalet in the woods, near the Hoffman Notch trail access, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0236 - Sold -Village in Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0241 - Sold - Adirondack cozy cabin with small pond and near to public beaches and boat launch, Horicon, NY

    RE0248 - Awesome Green Mountain View home with acreage, pond and pool, Hampton/Whitehall, NY

    RE0249 - Sold - Fixer Charmer Cape Cod style on Route 9, Crown Point, NY

    RE0250 - Sold - Older very, very well cared for family home, Moriah, NY

    RE0279 - Sold - Charming village home, two bedrooms, 1 bath, close to stores & restaurants & public beaches, Willsboro, NY

    RE0290 - off market, owner staying - Generous size family home across the street from the public beach on Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    RE0313 - Sold- Family home with 3 bedrooms in quaint village of Willsboro, NY

    RE0315 - Sold - Well-built 2+ bedroom ranch on 6 acres with pond views, Crown Point, NY

    RE0317 - off market - older well kept village home, three bedrooms, hamlet zoning, Olmstedville, NY

    RE0329 - New Built "Adirondack Country Log Home" with Champlain Vistas, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0331 - Sold -1919 Homestead with lots of privacy and lots of wildlife, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0342 - Sold - Village Character Home, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0348 - Sold - Large village home (easy conversion to multi family), Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0356 - off market - mansion with lakeviews of Champlain, Port Henry, NY

    RE0377 - Off market - Gorgeous Stately Stone Home, Essex, NY

    RE0379 - Sold - Hoffman Wilderness Camp, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0382 - Off market - Family Mobile Home on well cared property, Norwood, NY

    RE0386 - off market - Duplex in quiet neighborhood of Mineville, NY

    RE0389 - Sold - Ranch with lovely backyard private pond and acreage, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0390 - Sold - Country bungalow with 64 acres, Peru, NY

    RE0392 - Leased - Well built village Farmhouse, 4 bedrooms, Port Henry, NY

    RE0398 - Off market - Comfortable home with great picture mountain backdrop, Moriah, NY

    RE0402 - off market - Vintage Adirondack Cottage in Historical Mining Town, Moriah, NY

    RE0404 - off market Vintage home with barn, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0422 - off market - Cute Adirondack Chalet nestled in the Woods, Lewis, NY

    RE0425 - Sold - Older farmhouse, owner motivated, 3 bedrooms, Westport, NY

    RE0428 - Off market - Antique Village Home, TLC, Port Henry, NY

    RE0441 - Sold - Vintage family home, Plattsburgh, NY

    RE0444 - Sold - Clean and lovely village home, Willsboro, NY

    RE0450 - Old becomes New, Home in Westport, NY

    RE0451 - Sold - "All Seasons" Camp bordering state land, Schroon Lake, NY

    RE0452 - Farm House, Lewis/Westport NY

    RE0453 - Sold - Contemporary Home only 200' from Boat Launch, Willsboro, NY

    RE0455 - off market - Executive Home on the Point, Willsboro NY

    RE0460 - Sold - Stair Falls Vintage Home, Crown Point, NY

    RE0464 - Perched High away from Commuter's Eyes, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0467 - Off market - Historical Col. Job Howe's Homestead, 7 bedrooms, Crown Point, NY

    RE0473 - Boquet Riverfront ranch, Lewis, NY

    RE0480 - Sold - Cabin in the woods, 41 acres w/fix-it home project, Crown Point, NY

    RE0493 - Sold - Home bordering state land, North Hudson, NY

    RE0495 - Let the Light in!  Home in Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0497 - Antique Farmhouse with 98 acres, Lewis, NY

    RE0498 - Scenic Newer Chalet Home, Elizabethtown, NY

    RE0501 - Luxury Home, Moriah, NY

    RE0503 - Sold - Comfy Family Home, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0504 - Lake View Home, Moriah, NY

    RE0505 - Stone home for sale, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0515 - Post & Beam Framed home, Ticonderoga, NY

    RE0516 - Historical Home, Essex, NY

    RE0517 - Mixed use home with acreage, Crown Point, NY

    RE0537 - Village Home next to the golf course, Port Henry, NY

    RE0549 - Village home w/lake views, Port Henry, NY




    LF0121 - Sold - lakefront log home on 4+ acres (broker/owner), Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0123 - Sold - mansion beauty on Lake George, the BEST Lake George has to offer! Putnam, NY

    LF0126 - Sold - boat access only acreage with shoreline on Schroon Lake, 4 acres and 6 acres, Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0133 - Sold -romantic sunsets on Chateaugay Lake, spacious raised ranch, Bellmont, NY

    LF0135 - Sold - log home on the shores of Lake Champlain near to the railroad, Crown Point, NY

    LF0136 - Sold - tutor styling on the shores of Schroon Lake, Horicon, NY

    LF0137 - eight acres on Lake Champlain (garage included) bordered by state land, Crown Point, NY

    LF0141 - Sold - updated cottage on Willsboro Bay on Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY

    LF0142 - lakefront ranch on the shores of Lake Champlain, Chazy, NY

    LF0144 - off market- Lakefront on Lake Champlain, double lot with a fixer camp, Port Henry, NY

    LF0155 - Great Camp Island Lodge, Silver Lake, NY

    LF0273 - Sold - Lakefront Contemporary, totally renovated, Augur Lake, Chesterfield, NY

    LF0180 - Sold - 19 acres with 1,000 of waterfront (400 on Augur Lake, 600 on Mud Brook) Chesterfield, NY

    LF0190 - 3.5+/- acres with 200' of Lake Champlain shoreline, Crown Point, NY

    LF0201 - Sold - .66 acre lot w/140' of lakefront shoreline on Lincoln Pond (motorized), Elizabethtown, NY

    LF0202 - Sold - .55 acre lot w/100'of lakefront shoreline on Lincoln Pond (motorized), Elizabethtown, NY

    LF0288 - Lakefront Home & Cottages on Lake Champlain, Westport, NY

    LF0289 - off market - Lakefront Cabin on Goodnow Flow, Newcomb, NY

    LF0290 - Lakefront Lot on the East Shores of Schroon Lake, NY

    LF0302 - Sold - Corlear Bay lakefront camp, Chesterfield, NY

    LR0304 - Buena Vista lake-rights chalet, Willsboro, NY

    LR0306 - Lake right's handyman/woman camp, Crown Point, NY




    LR0120 - W/D - nice roomy lake rights home overlooking Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY

    LR0121 - luxury lake rights home with gorgeous lake and mountain views (both Gore & Whiteface), Horicon, NY

    LR0224 - Sold - lake rights camp on Lake Champlain, Willsboro, NY  

    LR0225 - Sold - affordable lake rights trailer on Willsboro Bay

    LR0231 - Sold  - older trailer for fixing, remodeling, or replacement in Buena Vista on Willsboro Bay, NY

    LR0235 - Sold - mobile home camp with lake rights on Lake Champlain, affordable deal, Willsboro, NY

    LR0236 - Sold - mobile home camp with lake rights on Lake Champlain, affordable deal, Willsboro, NY

    LR0240 - Affordable single wide in Buena Vista on Lake Champlain, Beach rights, Willsboro

    LR0248 - off market Buena Vista lakeright 'new built' home, Willsboro, NY

    LR0249 - off market Buena Vista lakeright 'new built' home, Willsboro, NY

    LR0250 - off market Buena Vista lakeright 'new built' home, Willsboro, NY

    LR0251 - off market -Buena Vista lakerights double wide mobile home, great camp and affordable, Willsboro, NY

    LR0273 - Executive lakerights home on Schroon Lake, Adirondack, NY

    LR0274 - Paradox Lakefront Country Cottage, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0279 - Sold - Lakerights w/views in Pheonix Tree Association, Schroon Lake, NY

    LR0293 - Sold - Lake-right's Camp in Buena Vista, Willsboro

    LR0294 - Sold - Lake-right's Camp in Buena Vista, Willsboro

    LR0343 - off market - lakeright's lot in Buena Vista, Willsboro

    LR0310 - Lake-rights Cottage on Lake Champlain, Crown Point, NY




    PD0009 - authentic custom log home on 10 acres w/pond & stream, Schroon Lake, NY

    PD0010 - sold, chalet on quiet Long Pond, Willsboro, NY




    RF0102 - Sold  - historical stone home on Saranac River and 44 acres, Saranac, NY

    RF0103 - Classic home on the river, lg. original home w/carriage house, formal gardens, B&B operation, Schroon Lake, NY

    RF0118 - Sold - Putman Creek, cabin in the woods, hear the rushing waterfalls, Crown Point, NY



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