Is Concrete Or Asphalt Better For Your Real Estate Property?

Your Real Estate Property Deserves the Best

Real estate properties are what people have invested a lot to get, so it is absolutely normal if they take some steps to determine whether concrete or asphalt is better for their real estate property. This decision of which is better may be difficult to come by for some reason. Paramount of which is the little or no knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of both the concrete and asphalt. It might also be due to the cost of each one.

If you are a real estate property owner, and you happen to find yourself in this situation, you need not worry anymore. This post will address some of the salient things you need to reach a reasonable conclusion on which one would best fit your real estate property.

Comparison of Concrete and Asphalt for Your Real Estate Property

To reasonably arrive at a good answer, it is important that you consider some of the pros and cons of both options.

Pros of Concrete

Design Flexibility and Colour: For a concrete driveway, you can easily design it to the style you want. It can also take different colors according to your preference.

Straight And Neat Edges: The edges of a concrete driveway offers you everything you need about neatness and straightness that enhances the beauty of your property.

Hot Climate Friendly: In the hot climate, you have nothing to worry about with a concrete driveway. It will do absolutely well.

Cons of Concrete

Cost: For many reasons, the concrete driveway requires you to have some financial muscle before you can have it for your real estate property.

Other cons include

  • Cracking during extremely cold weather
  • Needs about seven days to cure
  • Easily stained.

Pros of Asphalt

Some of the pros of asphalt include

  • Easily resurfaced
  • Does well in a cold climate
  • Pocket-friendly to build.
  • It has a crack repair that is seamless.
  • You can easily remove ice from it.

Cons of Asphalt

  • There are limits to its personalization.
  • It might come out with rough edges.
  • Needs sealing for durability purpose
  • Doesn’t do well in hot weather
  • It can easily stain your shoes.

Cost of Concrete and Asphalt

  • To build an asphalt driveway, you will need between $2 and $6/square meter.
  • To build concrete, you will need between $4 and 10$/square meter.

Which Should You Go For?

The answer would depend majorly on you and the environment you find yourself in. It is often better to check with your contractor on how your environment is likely to affect your choice.


As you have seen above, the choice between concrete and asphalt lies more with you. Both have their disadvantages and advantages. What would make the difference is the environmental circumstances surrounding your real estate property? Ask your local concrete contractors for tips on how to maximize your investment.